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Pharmacy Mall – Use Coupon Code Available on Website to Get Discount!

Welcome to Pharmacy Mall. Pharmacy Mall is a Canadian online pharmacy that has been on the web for as early as 1997, serving people around the world by providing great quality medicines at very low prices. We are an online pharmacy site that’s dedicated to meeting all the drug needs of our clients and we have done so by offering a great selection of medicines for you to choose from. Our site is user-friendly and very easy to use to give our customers the most convenient experience in ordering their meds from the web. We also offer so much more than just our high-quality pharmaceutical products and easy-to-use website as we at Pharmacy Mall also give our clients the opportunity to avail of our bonus offers such as free additional pills, free shipping, and terrific discount deals. Here at Pharmacy Mall, we do not intend to stop any time soon in making the lives of our clients better through our reliable products and trustworthy service. Pharmacy Mall will continue to exist as long as there are people around the world needing quality drugs at cheap costs.

What Makes Pharmacy Mall Different from the Rest?

There are a lot of other online pharmacies on the web today that claim to be reliable sources for effective and cheap meds. The internet abounds with pharmacy websites that say they’re legitimate but the truth is they’re not really the pharmacies that they say they are. In truth, many of them are only websites that are used by fraudsters as a front for stealing credit card information from the unsuspecting people. Some online pharmacies source their products from dubious suppliers, giving their customers medicines of uncertain quality that puts their health at risk. People should beware of these sites as they’re very dangerous and a single mistake of using them would put users at very grave danger.

What makes us, Pharmacy Mall, different from these online pharmacies is that we’re genuinely operating and that is backed by our more than 20 years of existence. We’re just as real as the local drugstores except that we’re online. We are also a strong member of renown pharmaceutical organizations like the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA). Both CIPA and MIPA are Canada-based pharmacy associations that work for the benefit of the people, safeguarding them from fraudulent and suspicious sites that pretend to be online pharmacies. The CIPA and MIPA seals on our site are the guarantee of our customers that we are a legitimate Canadian online pharmacy and it’s safe to purchase medicines from us.

As for our suppliers, we source our products from pharmaceutical companies in countries such as the UK, Australia, Singapore, India, New Zealand, Turkey, and from our very own Canada. Unlike in the US, the medicine prices in these countries are regulated by the government that’s why they’re cheap. With regards to the quality of the meds that are manufactured from these countries, they are on par with the with the drugs that are manufactured in the US, making them just as effective and just as good. Here at Pharmacy Mall, we only source our products from Good Manufacturing Practice-certified pharma companies to ensure our customers’ safety. Manufacturers with the GMP certification are companies that have been checked and inspected by the World Health Organization (WHO) as adherent to the international safety standards in drug production. On top of this assurance to our clients that our products are 100% safe, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also approves of our medicines as safe and effective for use.

The Benefits of Choosing Pharmacy Mall

Aside from the fact that customers would be getting high-quality meds on our selection of pharmaceutical products, the real benefit that customers will enjoy in choosing us, Pharmacy Mall, is the benefit of saving big amounts of money. Almost everyone knows of the expensive prices that local pharmacies charge to their customers and at some point, it already became unbearable to many people needing meds especially those who are of limited income and resources. The drug prices that local pharmacies charge are very forbidding and it has prevented many people from getting their hands on life-saving medicines because they don’t have the money to afford them.

At first, our customers found it so hard to believe that we actually sell medicines at prices that are 80% to 90% cheaper than local pharmacy prices. The hesitancy of many was understandable because the only source of meds that most people knew were local drugstores. Also, many people never thought it possible to purchase their medicines at very affordable costs because they got so used to the expensive drug prices that local pharmacies had. But many people tried purchasing from us and more than a decade later, people are still grateful they did. No longer did our customers spend lots of money in paying for their meds at local drugstores, they only spent a fraction of their money in purchasing sufficient amounts of the medicines that they needed from us.

Many people have said that our offers were too good to be true but the truth is they’re indeed true. Some of the special privileges that we offer to our customers include:

  • Prescription-less medicine purchase (no scripts required for prescription drugs!)
  • Secure Payments (SSL certificates encrypting credit card information)
  • Guest Checkouts (anonymous purchases for customers who aren’t comfortable in providing personal info)
  • Categorized Medicine Selection
  • Lowest medicine prices on the web
  • Helpful, responsive customer service staff
  • A complete guide and necessary medical information on each product
  • 100% guaranteed refunds or reshipments
  • Coupon Discounts
  • Discreet Packaging of Orders
  • Free Pills on each order (regardless of the order amount)
  • Free regular airmail or express courier deliveries
  • Bargain Prices for medicines such as ED products

The Benefits that We Give: In Detail

No Prescriptions Required

All of us know that it is a common practice in local drugstores to require their customers to provide prescriptions whenever they will be purchasing prescription drugs. Although it is good since it helps the drugstores verify that their customers have indeed been checked by their physicians prior to using the medications that they have bought, it is a burdensome requirement to most people especially those whose money is just enough for purchasing their meds. Consultations aren’t free and people have to pay professional fees to their doctors for them to get their scripts. But where does this leave those who don’t have the ability to pay their doctors a visit? Or how about those who have no resources to pay the consultation fees?

To be able to cater to these groups of people, we at Pharmacy Mall no longer asked for scripts from our customers. Buyers can freely purchase their prescription meds from our website without having to fax or email us any scripts. We did this primarily in order to help people with no medical insurances, to help them save money and to make it possible for the disabled people and the elderly to conveniently purchase their medications from wherever they are. Although this is the case, we still value the professional medical advice that only doctors can give and we still recommend our clients to consult their physicians before using the meds that they have bought from our site. This is because here at Pharmacy Mall, we believe that only doctors can provide the proper instructions and recommendations on how to use a medicine and to maximize its effectiveness.

Secure Payments

Here at Pharmacy Mall, we value your security as much as we value your health and your well-being. Our checkout page is protected by 256-bit secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates that protect your personal and financial information through high-level encryption. What this does is it prevents outside sources such as hackers and cyber thieves from seeing the sensitive details that you provide on our site. With this assurance, you can confidently shop for your meds on our site without any fears or worries.

Guest Checkouts

Anonymity is a right of each and every customer and no one should be forced to provide any personal information if they’re not convenient in doing so. We honor the choice of our clients to purchase their medicines anonymously here at Pharmacy Mall that’s why we have provided the guest checkout option. No need for our clients to provide any other information other than what’s necessary. Just like purchasing at a grocery store, the guest checkout option allows our customers to order their meds without having to fill out personal information forms. The only details that we will require from our clients in that option is a valid shipping address and their credit card information.

Categorized Medicine Selection

Finding medicines on our website has never been easier. Our website has a neatly categorized medicine selection where you will have no problems in finding the drug that you’re looking for. Starting from our bestselling meds, erectile dysfunction (ED) products, and our ED sample packs, our medicine categories are alphabetically arranged from allergy medications up to women’s health products. Here, not only will our customers find their meds but they’ll also be able to see other similar drugs that they can select from.

Lowest Medicine Prices on the Web

We at Pharmacy Mall are proud to say that our prices are indeed the lowest there is and to be able to offer our customers our products at these prices, we have tirelessly labored to find suppliers around the world with the best but cheapest products. And we have succeeded in doing so and even if our customers compare with other online pharmacies, they will find that we indeed have the internet’s lowest priced drugs.

The reason why our meds are cheap is that the products that we largely sell are generics, drugs that have the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts but were made by other manufacturers. Although generics are so much more affordable than the branded ones, they work in the same way as branded drugs work, giving its users the exact same benefits for less.

Helpful and Responsive Customer Service Staff

For any concerns or queries about our products and services, we can always be contacted at our hotlines which are +1 718 487 9792 (US) and +4420 3239 7092 (UK). Our trained and professional customer service staff are always ready to answer any questions that our customers may have and provide assistance to anyone who would be needing help with anything concerning our website.

Complete Medicine Information and Product Guide

Under each one of our products is a comprehensive and detailed information about how to use them along with other data such as specific instructions, dosage guide, safety information, side effects, and contraindications. But even though we have made all the possible efforts to give our customers a complete and detailed information about their medicines, nothing can substitute the advice of a medical professional when it comes to the proper use of a medication.

Guaranteed Refunds and Reshipments

In the event that your order from us fails to arrive on time or arrives damaged or with items missing, we at Pharmacy Mall will take full responsibility by providing you a full refund or a 100% free reshipment of your orders. Our clients can always reach us through our customer service hotlines or through email on our Contact Us page.

Coupon Discounts

On top of the affordable prices that we sell our meds for, we also give our customers an extra opportunity to save more by offering coupon discounts. These coupon codes cannot be found from within our website but our affiliate websites have them. Our clients can just put these codes on the box that we supplied on our checkout page and it will be an automatic discount to their purchases.

Discreet Packaging of Orders

Because we value the privacy of our customers, we at Pharmacy Mall send the orders of our clients as gifts in a discreet and unmarked packaging. The business of knowing what’s inside the package belongs to the customers alone and not even the delivery service would know the specific contents of the parcel that they are delivering. Even the names of the products that our clients have ordered won’t be reflected on their credit card statements, keeping the information about their ordered meds only to themselves.

Free Pills on Every Order

As a treat to our clients, we give away free bonus pills to our customers regardless of the number of their orders. Of course, ordering bigger would mean more free pills would be added to your purchase. Here at Pharmacy Mall, we’re not only interested in giving you more savings. We also want our customers to have a sufficient supply of meds that’s why we give away free additional pills as our gratitude for their patronage.

Free Regular or Express Shipping

All our customers need to do to avail of our free regular shipping is to order medicines with an amount totaling to $200 USD. We will be waiving the shipping fees for their orders, saving them $9.95 which is the basic shipping fee. In regular shipping, our clients can expect their orders to arrive somewhere within 14 to 21 days. But for those who will be ordering medicines with a total amount of $300 USD or more, we at Pharmacy Mall will be sending those orders via express mail service (EMS) for free. The EMS only takes 3 to 8 days of wait time and its basic fee is at $19.95.

Bargain Prices for ED Products

Our website is the perfect place for the customers to find the bestselling medicines like ED products at very low prices. Our front page is entirely dedicated to all-time best sellers such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and other similar drugs. We know that these medicines have a high market demand because of the great number of men who are suffering from ED. Sadly, these medications don’t have very friendly prices at local drugstores. The local prices of these meds range from $70 to $80 which are very forbidding costs that only a selected few can afford.

But here at Pharmacy Mall, people who need ED medications can avail them at very low prices. We even offer Viagra for as low as $0.27 USD per pill, a far cry from the local drugstores who sell Viagra for almost a hundred dollars per tablet. Our affordable price offer is available to all our ED products and as mentioned earlier, we don’t require prescriptions for them. Buyers can freely order them from our website and proceed to the checkout page without any hassles.

Another good thing about purchasing ED meds from our site is that we also offer ED variants such as effervescent pills, oral jellies, chewable tablets, and sublingual doses. Unlike the standard hard pills that have a slow onset of effect, these ED variants that we have work for as quick as 10 to 15 minutes. Although other online drugstores also offer them, we have a more complete selection of these drugs coming from various renown pharmaceutical companies and of course, ours have much better price tags.

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